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Dentures after a repair

With more than five decades of experience in the denture repair trade, Laurence Niblock Denture Clinic can provide a fast and efficient service to ensure your dentures are fit for purpose. You will smile a wide smile when speaking with our knowledgeable staff and skilled mechanics.

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  • All repairs and adjustments

  • Re-lines

  • Shade of the teeth changed

  • Teeth replaced

  • Cleaning and polishing

Our denture services:

If your dentures are hurting or not sitting correctly, or you have a complete breakage on your hands, contact us.


Our dental mechanics have the resources and skills to correct your set with a minimum of fuss. Contact our team today.

Don't remain in pain, contact us

You can be assured of a top quality service at Laurence Niblock Denture Clinic. We are a trusted, friendly and professional company dedicated to ensuring your comfort and convenience.

Sophisticated denture technology in our clinic

Denture repair clinic in County Derry

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